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Whether you have existing video content or you need help creating your first Vizyonhaiti course, we’ve got you covered. The very first thing to do is to fill the application form and we will get back to you  as possible.

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Here’s a quick overview of the 4 steps to becoming a published vizyonhaiti instructor.First, you will need to apply to become an instructor, once accepted, you will need to produce your course by uploading your existing content with our start a new course feature on your dashboard feature, if you have all your equipment set up such as cameras, software, and microphones, you will need to create and upload your final course video . Furthermore, polish your course, which will requires you to add the finish touches tour your content. Last, you will need to publish and update your course whether it is a free or paid course.
In vizyonhaiti, there are many significant rules that all instructors must follow in order to maintain a safe and pleasant atmosphere between both the student(s) and the instructor. please refer to our privacy policy page to get more details about those rules.
To create a successful Vizyonhaiti course, you first need to decide what you’ll teach. When choosing your topic, it can be important to know what students are most interested in. This concept can be really important in term of adding many good values to what you have to offer as an instructor. Try to be different on what you will teach, and make sure to deliver a much valuable content.